Residential Storage Containers

Residential Storage Containers

Residential Storage Containers

Onsite Storage Containers

Residential Storage Containers

Extra Residential Storage Space

Perhaps you’re remodeling or are an unfortunate victim of a fire, flood, or other natural disaster. If you need to rent a residential storage container, look no further than Mobile Storage Inc.  Our Ground level containers provide secure onsite residential storage saving the hassle of hauling your belongings to a local warehouse or storage locker.  Residential storage containers come in various sizes and will hold anything from household furnishings to building supplies needed for the renovation or repair.

Natural Disasters, floods, or fire come quick and unexpectedly.  Mobile Storage Inc. offers emergency residential storage container delivery, so you can begin the restoration process quickly & efficiently. Also, homeowners enjoy the use of our residential storage containers as the main storage area or as an addition to their garage.  It’s a quick and affordable to keep off season supplies and equipment out of the way. Call 401-648-3589 or 888-477-5429 ask about our residential storage containers today.

More about Mobile Storage Inc.

Located in Providence, we’re proud to call New England home. Mobile Storage is a family owned and operated business serving Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.  All of our containers are available for rent, lease, or purchase!

Why Choose Mobile Storage Inc

Mobile Storage Inc. is a family owned and operated storage container & temporary fencing solutions company based in Providence Rhode Island.  Mobile Storage is proud to serve clients all New England, including, Connecticut and Massachusetts. We value our clients time and prepare custom proposals based on information obtained during a free consultation. 

  • Monthly & Annual Rentals

  • Extend Your Rental At Any Time

  • All Containers Are Freshly Painted

  • Purchase Options & Great Incentives

  • Short & Long Term Leases Available

  • Only a Few Dollars a Day

Mobile Storage Inc.

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