Storage Trailers

Storage Trailers

Construction Storage Containers

Our large mobile storage trailers offer maximum storage space for a minimal cost. Unlike permanent buildings, our large storage trailers need not become part of your property.  These trailers are available for short term use or long term lease.  Call 401-648-3589 or 888-477-5429 today for more information.

Site Storage Containers

Having an extra 40-48 feet of Mobile Storage on the job site or during a special event can be quite helpful.  Not only do storage trailers work great stationary, they can also be packed and relocated to another site.  Our storage trailers are always clean, in top mechanical condition, and arrive on time! Also, our trailers are secure and keep your property safe from the natural elements.

Construction Site Storage

  • 40, 45, or 48 foot trailers available
  • Easy to move
  • Ground Storage
  • Transport between locations
  • Swing out or roll-up doors
  • Drop frame and flatbeds

Mobile Construction Storage Containers

New England area contractors trust Mobile Storage construction containers on their job sites for a clean, safe, and secure place to lock up equipment & supplies.

Call 401-648-3589 or 888-477-5429

Custom Construction Storage Solutions

Mobile Storage offers a variety of storage containers and storage trailers that will work for any job site. Home & retail contractors use our small storage units for short term renovations or commercial building. General contractors will use our 20′ or 40′ construction storage containers for materials & tool storage on larger construction jobs.

In addition to providing the space you need, our construction storage containers include safety features to ensure the security of tools, construction materials and other equipment. Security is crucial to the efficiency of any job site, and that is why all our units are constructed of heavy steel, with heavy lockable cam latched doors.

Construction Storage Containers For Rent, Lease & Sale

Let Mobile Storage handle all of your construction site temporary storage needs.  We offer storage container rental, long term lease, and sale. All of our convenient temporary storage solutions include storage container delivery plus pick-up service. No one understands the importance of a smooth functioning job site more than we do.  Our storage container delivery makes your job easier, bringing you, hassle-free, secure solutions and added space to your job site.

As well as storage container lease and rental, our construction storage containers are available for sale. Whether you need lease, rent or buy a storage container, Mobile Storage of Providence is ready to serve you!

Why Choose Mobile Storage Inc

Mobile Storage Inc. is a family owned and operated storage container & temporary fencing solutions company based in Providence Rhode Island.  Mobile Storage is proud to serve clients all New England, including, Connecticut and Massachusetts. We value our clients time and prepare custom proposals based on information obtained during a free consultation. 

  • Monthly & Annual Rentals

  • Extend Your Rental At Any Time

  • All Containers Are Freshly Painted

  • Purchase Options & Great Incentives

  • Short & Long Term Leases Available

  • Only a Few Dollars a Day

Mobile Storage Inc.

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