Rent vs Buy Onsite Storage Container

Onsite storage containers serve a wide variety of purposes. For instance, homeowners often use them to hold seasonal overflow such as holiday decorations, sporting goods, and lawn and garden tools. Businesses might use them to store inventory. Both residential and business consumers use storage for temporary and permanent solutions, and the need for quality storage containers varies wildly by individual needs and preferences. For some individuals and businesses, renting a storage container makes sense, but others may be better off purchasing one of their own. How do you know which approach is right for you?

Rent vs Buy Onsite Storage Container

Only you can decide which option is right for you, but the following pros and cons should help make the decision easier for you.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Storage Container

Storage containers are ideal for those who have revolving storage needs. For instance, if you own and operate a small business that depends on keeping enough inventory in stock to meet market needs, a permanent storage container is a good solution. If you’re a homeowner, a permanent storage container might come in handy if you have large amounts of seasonal household items such as holiday decorations, garden tools and equipment, and seasonal clothing and sporting goods.

On the other hand, purchasing your own storage units comes with the added effort of maintenance and repair. If you only need them for a temporary project, might make more sense to rent a container.

Pros and Cons of Renting a Storage Container

The most obvious advantage of renting a storage container is that when you’re finished using it, all you need to do is call someone to come and pick it up. Renting is best for those who only need a storage solution for a specific period of time. For instance, perhaps you’re downsizing to a smaller home — a temporary storage rental may help smooth the process of deciding which furniture and household items to sell or donate to charity and which ones to keep.

However, renting storage containers comes with a monthly cost, and it might not be the best choice for those with long term storage needs.  Please feel free to contact us for more information on crafting a customized storage solution no matter what your situation.

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