Onsite Storage Rental Massachusetts

Traditional storage units are rented by the year, with little flexibility in terms or options. Mobile Storage Inc., on the other hand, is more in tune with the needs and preferences of modern consumers. Today’s homeowners and business owners don’t really fit into the one-size-fits-all box of conventional storage solutions. To meet the needs of a variety of consumers, we offer weekly, monthly, and yearly rentals as well as purchasing options.

We’re also offering mobile storage units for sale because we’ve found that many modern consumers have a permanent need for storage and may feel it isn’t cost-effective for them to rent storage units for a number of years. On the other hand, those who need storage on a one-time basis for a week can pay only for the time they use instead of for the entire month.

Who Uses Onsite Storage Rental in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts homeowners and business owners who have a need for onsite storage use our services, whether it’s for long-term storage or for a short term event. Our containers are clean, in good repair, and don’t present a negative distraction to our customers’ property. They are fireproof, watertight, lockable, and come with a fresh coat of paint on their interiors and exteriors. They are delivered to your site by experienced drivers and picked up at a date that you specify when you no longer need them.

If you make arrangements for a rental and then decide that owning the storage container makes better sense for your specific situation, you have the option of applying 50% of the amount you’ve paid in rental fees toward the purchase price. We also have a great selection of pre-owned, refurbished containers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote or for more information on a customized storage solution designed to meet the individual needs and preferences of your home or business.

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